2017 Editorial Calendar

Issue close deadlines, schedules for travel content, and special sections. All deadlines and scheduled content subject to change.


Daily Bread | This innovative photo essay from Gregg Segal provides fascinating insight into what and how kids are eating, with takeaways that will leave us all a little bit healthier.

Special Ad Section: Health Resolutions
Special Ad Section: Scottsdale

Issue Close: November 14, 2016
ROB Materials: November 18, 2016


The Mexico Issue | We’ll dive deep into the travel trends that are sweeping our southern neighbor, making it one of the hottest travel destinations in the world.

Special Ad Section: Higher Education
Special Ad Section: Franchises

Issue Close: December 19, 2016
ROB Materials: December 23, 2016


Celebrity Cover | Valerie June
The Grass Man | One man’s quest to build an international community of fans devoted to the most mundane of tasks: watching grass grow.

Special Ad Section: Arizona
Special Ad Section: Tennessee

Issue Close: January 16, 2017
ROB Materials: January 20, 2017


The Parenting Issue | The first wave of millennials are (finally) starting to have children. What kinds of kids will they raise? A humorous, instructive look at how these budding parents are shaping the next generation.

Special Ad Section: Texas

Issue Close: February 13, 2017
ROB Materials: February 17, 2017


Summer Travel Guide | Through an interactive social media campaign, our readers will help create this special travel issue that’s part bucket list, part exploration of the things we cherish most. If you had just one day, where would you go? What would you do? Who would you do it with?

Special Ad Section: California
Special Ad Section: New Mexico

Issue Close: March 13, 2017
ROB Materials: March 17, 2017


Celebrity Cover | Shovels & Rope
The Ghost of Capablanca | Long after making his final move, Cuba’s king of chess continues to shape his countrymen’s relationship with the game—and their future.

Special Ad Section: MyGenetx

Issue Close: April 17, 2017
ROB Materials: April 21, 2017


The Food Issue | Food sustains us. It brings us together and heals us when we’re sick. We’ll take a look at the people and movements who are not only cooking, growing, and harvesting for sustenance, but to help the people around them. Food, as common good.

Special Ad Section: Focus on General Health
Special Ad Section: Nevada

Issue Close: May 15, 2017
ROB Materials: May 19, 2017


The Legend of Larry Nelson | In one of the greatest sports stories never before told, Larry Nelson became an all-time golfer despite having never picked up a club until he was 20 years old—and a soldier in Vietnam.

Special Ad Section: Medical Devices/ Health Technology
Special Ad Section: Education

Issue Close: June 19, 2017
ROB Materials: June 23, 2017


Great American Places | What makes a place great? We send travelers to the country’s hidden corners, where they’ll discover the best in food, culture, history, and natural beauty.

Special Ad Section: Men’s Health
Special Ad Section: Spirit of Tennessee

Issue Close: July 17, 2017

ROB Materials: July 21, 2017


The Pets Issue | We’ll explore why pets (and not just cats and dogs) are good for your health.

Special Ad Section: Women’s Health
Special Ad Section: Franchises

Issue Close: August 14, 2017

ROB Materials: August 18, 2017


The Winter Travel Guide | Where to play, sleep, and eat this winter, with destinations ranging from top ski slopes to beautiful sandy beaches.

Special Ad Section: Cosmetic Surgery
Special Ad Section: Reno-Tahoe

Issue Close: September 18, 2017

ROB Materials: September 22, 2017


The Science of Spirits | Our annual guide to spirits features the latest trends in craft distilling.

Special Ad Section: Florida
Special Ad Section: Focus on Sports Medicine

Issue Close: October 16, 2017

ROB Materials: October 20, 2017